Monday, August 15, 2011

From my BC till now...

So I've decided share a few pics with you from my Big Chop until now.  I've made many mistakes along the way as I've literally had to learn how to care for my hair in it's natural state.  That means many a day there was tons of hair on the shower floor and in my sink!  However, I've since learned the importance of MOISTURE and how to retain it.  I've also learned how to detangle my hair without literally ripping it out of my head which, yes sadly, I was doing.  Patience, I've also learned, is KEY in this journey to regrowing a healthy head of thick natural hair.  I think I've made some strides but I also have quite a long ways to go.  Enjoy...

These pics are from the very first day of my Big Chop back in January 2011.  You will notice I look very much like a skinned cat.  I was both shocked, scared but a bit excited to embark on my new journey.  No, I did not go out in public looking like this, I covered it with a custom made wig.  Notice the grooves of missing hair from over-processing with chemicals then pulling my hair tightly in weave tracks!  It's amazing the damage wasn't any worse.

My hair is starting to come in now and my first attempt at twists in February.  I was pretty excited since I could clearly see the growth of my hair since January.

Whenever I left the house I would wear a cute head scarf to match my outfit but not actually show what was happening under there.

Here we are a few months later in May.  I now became emboldened and decided to rock my TWA for all the world to see.  My brave face actually covered my fear of being rejected quite well.  The back and sides have recovered and filled in quite nicely so there were no longer any obvious bald spots.

My hair shrinks so much it blows my mind.  The pic on the left is my freshly co-washed hair, the pic on the left is the same day with my TWA fully dried.  It looks soooo much smaller in it's dried state.

My first attempt at accessorizing my TWA, I loved it...hubby didn't. 

So to date the top and sides of my hair are the longest with the very back taking it's sweet ole time growing in.  I'm learning to be patient with my stunted hair growth and look for health instead of length.  Healthy hair grows!!!!  I'm also trying my best to rid myself of two issues: Product Junkyitis and Texture-Envy.  One day I'll be a bigger person but today, I'm just learning to love me and my God-given tresses.

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